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what is thinktank?


ThinkTank is an analysis competitive platform.

People place wages in different pools or competitions, based on predicting crypto prices.

Winnings are split accordingly, in TANK tokens.

Top analysts (top 20% of platform users), will be able to exchange their tokens for top crypto.

There will be a variety of different

types of pools, and timeframes of pool closings.

For example: a pool where you can call a

quick hour over/under.

Another example is the difference in price pool.

Lowest % difference of the prediction wins.

Put in a longer weekly or monthly prediction

so more people can pool more tokens.

Or try and swoop up some quick tokens

with 30min or hour predictions.

[How it works]

The house/pool/contract with the help of

some website coding, is constantly reading prices of crypto. It already knows

what you’ve locked in. At stop time, the pool automatically calculates everyone’s

differences and distributes earnings based on a few % factors.

Payout specifics can be found in our whitepaper

Technical side of it is quite simple.

It’s constantly reading, doing multiple averaging algorithms, and distributing

earnings correctly.

[Other features]

Bonus Airdrops for active people on the site.

Leaderboard: This is where the

competition gets fierce. You must stay on the leaderboard for a certain amount

of time before you can exchange your TANK tokens for some of the top crypto


Where the value of the TANK token comes in:

Supply and Demand.

Being able to exchange for crypto coins.

Half of the exchanged tokens get burned.

TANK reward pool distributing bonus’ out

of own ThinkTank pool.

The supply is constantly getting drained

and demand gets high.


  • Dec 2020 Company registration

Jan 2021 Website

  • Feb 2021 Whitepaper

  • Mar 2021 Pre Sale

  • June 2021 Public Sale

  • July 2021 Website development (extended)

  • Aug 2021 Whitepaper development (extended)

  • Oct 2021 Proof-of-Concept

  • Nov 2021 Problem statement

  • Feb 2022 Analyst and viewer dashboard

  • Mar 2022 Experts

  • Apr 2022 Top Analyst Leaderboard

  • May 2022 Tipping system

  • Jun 2022 Continued coding/website development

  • Jul 2022 Recalibrate – Hiring/Any other needs

  • Sept 2022 Mining Oct

  • 2022 Intellectual coordination

  • Nov 2022 API

  • Jan 2023 tankcoin.io Platform Release

keep me posted on your progress!

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